May 17, 2012


Video can help businesses get more social

By Rob Nunes – VP of Marketing

Social media has permeated the consumer world, leaving countless individuals charting their lives and interacting easily with friends and acquaintances through web-based tools. With the rise of IT consumerization, it shouldn’t surprise corporate leaders that social media has become an issue in the enterprise. However, letting employees use consumer social media tools at work can create significant risk. As a result, many organizations have turned to corporate social media tools in an effort to enable better interaction between employees.

As social media has become more prominent in the workplace, many have begun to recognize the value that the technology presents for collaboration and employee engagement. This has fueled a movement in which countless businesses are trying to go social by injecting social media-like tools into productivity applications and other software systems that employees use on a regular basis.

But going social is about more than just attaching an enterprise social media tool onto other software. It is about encouraging more fluid communication between employees, replacing emails and other static forms of collaboration with chat and instant messaging functions, engaging workers on a relational level and giving employees more power over how they interact with their colleagues.

There is a cultural shift that needs to be at the center of going social, but enabling that transition requires powerful technologies that will not only draw workers into social capabilities, but also empower them to interact in more meaningful ways.

Enterprise video strategies can play a major role in this area. Sharing details about the job is one of the key elements of social functionality in the enterprise, and video can be an ideal tool to allow this level of interaction. By allowing workers to create video content about their work, whether it is a diary of a road trip to visit field employees or a short clip detailing an element of production, videos that show how the company functions and what various workers do on a day-to-day basis can engage other employees and help them grow in their roles.

Going social is a key employee engagement tactic and enterprise video plans can complement a social strategy excellently. By giving workers the ability to create quality content on their own and share it with other employees, businesses can unleash the full potential of social capabilities and create an environment in which it is easy for workers to connect in a meaningful way.