January 8, 2015


Video can enhance the workplace routine

The digital workplace is a relatively new phenomenon. This means that a wide number of business leaders are still adapting to its intricacies. The term itself means different things depending on whom you ask. Yet despite the variety of ways to implement the components of a digital workplace, there are overlapping cogs of this trend that play a vital role in the daily routine of companies across the world.

While plenty of business is conducted through phones, email is a massive part of communications in global commerce. Cloud computing has become one of the hottest office trends of the past few years. While many chief executives have expressed concerns about the cloud, especially considering recent cyberattacks on Sony Pictures and bitcoin, the use of the technology continues to grow by the day. Internal social networks are also becoming increasingly common. Employers see this tool as a way to actively engage workers with content of all kinds. Sometimes the content isn’t even related to work.

These in-office strategies could decrease production in the short-term. However, most researchers seem to agree that the long term benefits of employee engagement are undeniable. And with all of these components of the digital workplace, the implementation of video can play a key role. Whether it’s through communications, data sharing, training or live event broadcasting, more and more business leaders are beginning to understand the benefits of video at the workplace.

Research notes continued importance of Internet and email
The Pew Research Center recently conducted a survey which found that 61 percent of respondents believe email is a very important part of their jobs and 54 percent held the same belief for the Internet. These figures were even higher among respondents who work in offices. The results affirm the importance of these key tools of communication and information intake, both of which can be enhanced with video.

“Email is to the digital age what stone-sharpening tools were in the prehistoric age,” Lee Rainie, director of Internet, science and technology research at the Pew Center, told the news source. “Email has proven its worth on the job as the foundational ‘social media’ day by day even as rival technologies arise.”

Qualities of the digital workplace
Quartz India recently noted a number of different traits that are typically found at the best digital workplaces. These qualities have a way of seamlessly blending technology with mankind.

The news source said that many offices are gradually eliminating positional hierarchy. Productivity and leadership trump any kind of specific title. Quartz also suggested that workers should think outside the box. Greater video implementation in new ways could be a good way to achieve an unconventional approach.