December 5, 2012


Video can engage employees on a day-to-day basis

By Rob Nunes – VP of Marketing

Most employee engagement strategies that focus on enterprise video and its ability to connect individuals to their work tend to focus on using employee-created content and effective meetings to improve operations. These strategies can be extremely effective and efficient ways to improve worker engagement. However, video is becoming more pervasive in the enterprise and the ability to integrate video capabilities within an application is becoming possible. This type of functionality can have a monumental impact on how workers view content and get the job done everyday.

Considering integrated video usage models
Deploying video in such a way that it integrates with application functionality can have a major impact on a worker’s day. For example, an individual who develops a new way to use an application in the field can post a video showcasing that capability and have it attached to that specific application. Other workers who use that app can then access the video while running the solution, see the new way to get things done and immediately consider if the change will work for them.

Similar functionality can help teams that are working on a project together. A worker who completes a part of the project can create a video detail what he or she did, why those decisions were made and what still needs to happen. When another team member accesses the application, that video is available to guide the project in an engaging way.

Using video for this type of functionality provides a much more engaging form of communication than email or even phone calls because the important information is available to workers while they are actively using the solution.

Making integrated video happen
There are a variety of ways to deliver video within a company’s broad application infrastructure. As a result, the real challenge is not making video work with apps, it is ensuring that the network has enough bandwidth to support such heavy video use. If video performance is inconsistent, many individuals will not bother watching it. This not only limits the effectiveness of the program, it also wastes the money put into establishing it. As a result, strategic network improvements play a critical role in helping companies make the most of video to gain a return on investment.

– Rob