September 24, 2012


Video can enable advanced management practices

Managerial processes are among the most important elements contributing to corporate success. How managers go about getting the most out of their work teams is vital to not only sustaining operations, but enabling productivity, efficiency and revenue gains. Having an enterprise video program in place can allow for better communication, collaboration and engagement within a work group, enabling teams to work together more successfully. In some cases, this can solve even the most pressing managerial issues.

Understanding common managerial issues
According to a recent Corp! Magazine report, many managers face a common problem in that their work teams do not get much done when they are away from the office. Managers often find themselves dealing with constant calls from their team members, who seem unable to make any decisions or get anything done without the manager present.

The news source said that many traditional views would simply point to a lazy workforce as the problem, but in many cases, this problem happens even with motivated, intelligent work teams in place. The issue is not that the individuals do not want to get the job done, Instead, it is that they have become so dependent on the manager to solve any problems that come up that they are no longer able to move forward and work on their own when the leader is unavailable.

To a great extent, this is the result of mounting pressure to work faster and with fewer mistakes. The report explained that since so many companies are dealing with economic challenges that force them to push employees to maximum efficiency, many workers are left feeling like there is not enough time for them to take any risks by making their own decisions. Teams, therefore, become incredibly dependent on their managers, who have the responsibility for solving even the simplest problems, even if the workers are fully capable of solving the issues on their own.

How video can help
Resolving this issue is heavily dependent on managers being able to teach their work teams to solve issues on their own, the news source said. In many cases, doing this hinges on relieving the pressure surrounding projects and helping employees understand that it is okay if they make the occasional mistake when trying to solve problems.

Having an enterprise video platform in place can help organizations enable the type of managerial growth presented in the report. Webcasting and other video tools can be used to hold live meetings, allow for employee-created content and develop other forms of video communication to help workers fully understand broad corporate goals and feel more connected to their day-to-day operations. This can free them from the pressure that pushes work teams to depend too heavily on management and not make their own decisions.

This is made possible, largely, because video is a much more immersive information distribution system than email or voice messaging. In a video, managers and other business leaders can not only fully convey business goals, but also communicate the emotions and motivations behind those standards. This allows employees to respond more intuitively because they are more engaged by the information being presented.