December 6, 2012


Video can enable advanced collaboration

By Kevin Crayton – VP of Product Management

Breaking down the operational silos that have long stood in many businesses is becoming a priority. Emerging technologies like cloud computing and mobility are making data and applications so accessible that these boundaries between departments are no longer needed. Instead, organizations have new opportunities to improve functionality by getting different groups to work together. Achieving this depends on being able to enable effective communication and collaboration, something that enterprise video can accomplish.

Understanding the need for collaboration
With new technologies taking hold, businesses can function in more effective ways. For example, consider the resources available to sales workers in the field. Not too long ago, they may have had access to a work-specific device that could allow them to handle invoicing and similar processes away from the office. However, any communication with the headquarters had to be over the phone, eliminating the ability to develop a truly collaborative method of getting the job done.

With smartphones, tablets and cloud applications available, sales workers can now access applications, databases, video content and chat functionality while in the field. If an individual wants to understand why a customer is interested in the company before making initial contact, he or she can open a database or document from the marketing department to to get that information.

These kinds of operational gains can only be achieved, however, if the silos that separate departments are broken down and clear communication is made possible.

Considering video’s role
One way to improve collaboration between departments is promoting a better understanding of how different groups function. If sales workers create video content showcasing what they do in the field, marketing employees can use that knowledge to make certain types of data and applications more accessible, fostering improved operations through intuitive collaboration. Video used across all departments created by workers can promote this type of awareness throughout a company and lead to major gains.

To accomplish this, organizations have to consider advanced forms of collaboration. Video is the technological side of this equation, but there is also a cultural shift that has to be put in place. Enabling better operations through collaboration is easier when companies find a way to combine advanced technologies with cultural expectations that promote communication, and great benefits can be unleashed.

– Kevin