November 29, 2012


Video can be used to keep workers happy

By Rob Nunes – VP of Marketing

Most companies face a similar problem – some of their workers no longer seem happy with their work. In some cases, the problem may be as simple as an employee feeling underappreciated or needing a change. But in many instances, the issue is that workers can reach a point where they no longer see the value in what they do for the company.

This sense of not providing worth to a business can stem from workers being underpaid or not evaluated often enough, but it can also come from workers not seeing the big picture of how what they do impacts other facets of operations. Video can overcome this problem in a few ways.

Efficient town hall meetings
Holding town hall meetings can help connect employees to the broad corporate goals and gain a better vision of how their role contributes to these strategies. However, creating a schedule for events that allows every worker to attend is often impossible. However, an enterprise video program can enable companies to establish town hall meetings that can be attended in person or streamed to employees. This ensures that workers can attend.

Furthermore, using webcasting for town halls provides advanced social functionality like in-video chat and polling tools. This ensures that employees viewing the content are actually engaged in the event and active participants, not just distant spectators. A skilled presenter use the webcasting functionality to improve the quality of the event for everybody involved, contributing to major gains in connecting employees to their work.

Employee-created content
Another aspect of an enterprise video platform that can contribute to worker engagement is employee-created content. While some companies shy away from this part of a video program because they are afraid of professionalism issues arising, trusting employees to create their own videos can actually empower them to be more creative and collaborative in their work efforts.

This creates a sense of greater engagement in two key areas. The first is for the people creating the video. Since they are using video to share their work efforts with colleagues, they are more likely to be engaged in developing better ways to get the job done and showcase them to their peers. This not only provides a key motivating point, but can also foster a general spirit of innovation within an organization.

A second layer of engagement comes from the viewer. By watching how other employees get the job done, individual workers can be inspired to work more effectively on their own. They can also see how their support efforts enable others to be more effective, motivating them to continue working hard and helping them see how their work connects to other aspects of corporate operations. As a result, employee-created content is among the most powerful engagement tools within an enterprise video program.

The importance of supporting technology
When video is used creatively and intuitively to engage employees in their day-to-day efforts, the productivity and financial benefits can be substantial. The workplace can also become a much happier and exciting place to be. However, video can also overwhelm the network, creating technological problems that will undermine the engagement benefits that come from the technology. This can be overcome by turning to a video-specific network solution, such as an enterprise content delivery network, that eases the burden of video content on the WAN. Such investments can bolster video strategies within an organization so much that they deliver a considerable return on investment.