July 16, 2012


Video becoming critical in the enterprise

The way businesses function is changing. Organizations are no longer able to focus on traditional methods for communication, data sharing and other forms of collaboration. Instead, they need to develop new strategies for creating deeper, more engaging internal relationships. Enterprise video is at the center of this movement, Forbes reported.

According to the news source, business relationships have historically been built upon face-to-face communication models in which it takes people a long time to get to know one another and interactions tend to be fairly shallow and superficial in nature.

While some of this may be necessary, the report said such shallow relationships typically lead toward workers who are not engaged in their efforts and are unsatisfied with their jobs. As a result, video is emerging as an essential solution to enable more streamlined and engaging internal communications that facilitate better work relationships.

The potential of video in engaging employees and enabling more effective interactions is clear in just how quickly video is advancing in the consumer sector, where it is already the dominant traffic type for internet data and will likely quadruple by 2015, the news source explained.

According to Forbes, this popularity in the consumer market is spreading across the enterprise market as well, where many sectors are increasing their investments in the technology to support internal communication, improve employee engagement and support collaboration goals.

As more organizations invest in video as they work to implement process-level improvements, the need for networking upgrades is increasingly important. While there are many ways to equip the network for high-bandwidth services, it is generally important that organizations turn to video-specific solutions to handle the content type, as it presents a variety of unique requirements in terms of data packet size and transmission requirements.