April 4, 2013


Video and social media propel corporate endeavors

Understanding what clients want is the key to gaining the most revenue from video deployments. In order to determine what customers want to see and what they’ll best react to, businesses are seeking out feedback for current deployments that can help drive future recordings in a more desirable direction. One of the leading tools pushing the future of video communication is social media for internal and external messages, since these networking avenues allow for better insight into how the various workings of the business and consumer infrastructure are interacting with the rest of the organization.

Business 2 Community wrote that the impact of video communication on social networks has become one of the biggest factors in the industry. YouTube has been tracking significantly increasing corporate and private usage of its resources for a variety of factors, including use on social sites like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. Its research showed that more than one billion users are visiting the site and viewing its content each month. More than 500 years’ worth of video currently posted to Facebook and more than 700 videos shared on Twitter every minute.

Growing the next generation of video content
On average, the source stated, people are viewing almost 400 minutes of video on a monthly basis. This includes entertainment pursuits and business messages as well, and with so much attention from people in all walks of life, the potential to reach a broad consumer audience is inherent. Not only did the source report that people are likely to spend more time on a site with embedded video, but people are more likely to visit a store and make a purchase if offered an enterprise video experience to go along with the product or service.

Forbes stated that the internet’s ability to connect people and companies has made a significant impact in the number of organizations making use of video outlets. The source reported that Forbes Insights discussed the integration of video products at major companies with C-level executives, finding that around two-thirds of respondents visited a specific business’s website after viewing a video. Because video communication is no longer considered a novelty by many experts, firms may encourage social media and video integration in coming months or years. The increasing amount of acceptance and information-sharing taking place around enterprise video solutions is likely to make this technology a mounting player in the marketing and messaging landscape of corporate endeavors, the source stated.