February 6, 2015


Various Applications of Webcasting


Webcasting provides numerous benefits. Many enterprises use webcasting to disseminate messages easily and to conduct company meetings conveniently. Some of the common applications of webcasting are as follows:

Internal Communication

Webcasting is often used in the following types of internal communication within a company.

  • Online Meetings/Presentations – Webcasting allows companies that have employees across the globe to conduct meetings and conference, without paying for travel fees.
  • Training – It allows a speaker or trainer to conduct a training session or a discussion (live training video) to a large audience. As long as the server of the participants is in perfect condition, there should be no problems.
  • Corporate communication – Webcasting offers a service wherein you can connect to your corporate office once they demand visual content. Kontiki Video Solutions, a leading video solution provider, enables global companies to deliver video content efficiently to every employee in their existing network.


External Communication

This is the communication between the company and its consumers, throughout the country or internationally. Webcasting enables them to listen and respond on a real-time basis.

  • Sales and Marketing – Webcasting is a great help for the company. You can talk to your clients using webcasting, without the hassle of going from your location to your meeting place.
  • Online education/ e-learning – Webcasting is widely used by online schools. It is highly beneficial for tutorials and video classes.
  • Press conference – Distance is not a problem for a press conference to be interactive by means of webcasting. Reporters and media personnel can ask questions to the spokesperson of the company, just like in a face-to-face press conference. They can also record the interviews by saving the webcast.
  • Customer interaction – A company should maintain a good relationship with their customers. They should always respond to their questions and consultations. A 24/7 customer service line can also be achieved with the help of webcasting.


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