February 26, 2013


Use video to educate

Enterprise video is quickly becoming a key resource for businesses to deliver training content to employees. It can fundamentally change the way employees learn and interact, while eliminating time gaps and learning curves due to playback and the prerecorded nature of video. However, according to The Suit, various challenges have kept video from reaching its potential – difficulties that businesses will need to overcome.

Companies interested in all of the benefits associated with video will need to invest in an enterprise video platform that supports the upload and download of content by employees both in and out of the office. A successful video solution needs to support various channels, from mobile to desktop viewing, and also ensure high-quality playback through a variety of conditions. Additionally, a business must have the right infrastructure support to handle video traffic.

Enabling video streaming requires a certain approach that businesses can sometimes struggle to achieve without the right support structure. Bandwidth bottlenecking can slow down other aspects of workflow, cause a reduction in video quality and other issues, which not only affect the success of the video solution but also have an impact on overall operations. Businesses need to invest in an enterprise content delivery network (ECDN) to enable video to reach its full potential, with no risk of hurting traditional business practices.

With an ECDN in place, a company can then focus on providing high-quality content that not only facilitates productivity, but also improves training and other aspects of education in the workplace. This can benefit a business in many ways. Better-trained employees are more satisfied and productive, and the benefits of having a more effective workforce are endless.