December 10, 2012


Upcoming webcast emphasizes technology’s ability to make information accessible

One of the greatest benefits of webcasting is the way it makes content that would be difficult for many people to view easily accessible. An upcoming webcast from Mergemarket and IntraLinks emphasizes this point, as it will be made available for free to anybody wishing to take advantage of the opportunity, Forbes reported.

According to the news source, Mergemarket and IntraLinks will use the webcast to discuss the merger and acquisitions market for 2012 and discuss what the M&A landscape could look like in the coming year.

This kind of information is important to a fairly wide audience, but would normally have to be published in a variety of ways to get the word out. By hosting a webcasting event, the organizations spreading the content can more easily get the messaging across. Businesses can benefit substantially by doing this internally through an enterprise video program.

Organizations can make important information more accessible when corporate webcasting solutions are used. For example, if a company want to set a single large goal for the new year and needs to push a variety of small policy changes and expectations to make that goal happen, it has to find a way to ensure workers understand what the business is trying to accomplish. There are a variety of ways to make this work, such as holding individual meetings between various teams, town hall events and large-scale gatherings. While these types of gatherings offer considerable potential, it can be difficult to get everybody behind a common aim during such an event.

Through webcasting, leaders can take the key information and present it in a single live event that is either attended or viewed by almost everybody in the company. The few people who may be unable to attend can watch the video later. This eases the logistical challenges of getting ideas spread throughout an organization.