November 20, 2012


U.K. city council turns to webcasting

The Wyre Forest District Council in the United Kingdom will soon begin webcasting its meetings to give the public more insight into how the government body functions, The Kidderminster Shuttle reported.

Wecasting’s rise
Webcasting is emerging as a valuable asset in government, education and enterprise video strategies because it enables organizations to hold better meetings that reach a wider audience. As a result, information is spread more rapidly and effectively to people within an organizational or geographic community.

According to the news source, this focus on providing vital insight into operations through more effective communications is central to the program in the Wyre Forest District.

John Campion, council leader for the district, told The Shuttle that the webcasting solution is aimed at providing transparency into how the government works.

“Webcasting is a fantastic way for the public to get an insight into how local decisions are made,” Campion told the news source. “The new headquarters not only save the local taxpayer [almost $800,000) per year, it will also allow local people to watch democracy in action from the comfort of their living rooms.”

The report said that the solution is expected to be particularly beneficial for the residents who are unable to attend meetings because they have other commitments or reasons for not being able to make it to events. As a result, the government processes can reach a more diverse and, potentially, a more engaged audience.

Webcasting in the enterprise
Webcasting can play a similar role in businesses. When remote workers, whether they are teleworkers or operate out of a branch office, cannot attend meetings, organizations can implement a webcasting solution to enable those employees to get the information they need from events. Furthermore, built-in social tools enable those viewers to become active participants in the event, engaging them in the activity and giving meeting planners creative and intuitive ways to get the entire audience involved.

Because of this, webcasting is emerging as a central feature in many enterprise video plans. However, the technological capabilities of webcasting may be just as important. When content is webcasted it is recorded in a format that allows it to be live streamed to viewers and archived so that it is available on demand. This turns every meeting into a true learning opportunity in an organization that enables lasting messages to be created.