March 27, 2013


Training with video for business creates waves in international market

Producing video communication for training purposes is a good way to address all personnel on a one-to-one basis in a cost-effective fashion. Using such tools for onboarding and following through with these resources for the lifetime of a worker’s partnership with a company will help promote a unified workforce that has a clear idea of the goals, culture and structure of an employer. What’s more, these recordings are easy to share and, when done correctly, are engaging and informative at the same time. This makes them an ideal tool for internal communication, but in some cases, they can also help promote an organization to the public.

Crains Cleveland Business reported that the Cleveland Clinic has been using video for business to address morale and culture issues at its facilities. One of its most recent offerings, a recorded directive on improving bedside manner and empathetic responses, received such high praise within the company that it was made available to the general public. The video has since gone viral, the source reported, receiving hundreds of thousands of hits inside of a month.

The message is intended to address common causes of miscommunication and negative patient-physician interactions, including bill processing, difficult diagnoses, concern about procedures and fears for loved ones. The video communication also handles positive outcomes and coaches personnel on how to take a positive approach toward every individual. It also serves as reassurance to patients.

Garnering global attention
According to Crains, the Cleveland Clinic wasn’t expecting such a strong response to its video offering. James Merlino, the facility’s chief executive officer, told the source that high quality production values and targeted messages helped improve the impact of the final product. The video has attracted attention from government agencies and medical facilities from around the world – these organizations asked if they could incorporate the recording into their own onboarding and training materials. Others requested help with designing similar messages for the same purpose.

“You can’t deliver great medical outcomes unless you have compassion for the people you are treating,” Merlino told the news source. He credited the video with giving personnel a better idea of how to see things from a patient’s perspective, boosting their empathy and bettering overall interactions.

Video communication can have a strong influence on how people choose to behave and the decisions they make. As with the clinic recording, administrators hope that personnel will provide better patient care. In other cases, encouraging financial success may be the overall goal.

Video for business enhancement
The Beaumont Enterprise wrote that Pinterest, a major social networking site that revolves around product and idea sharing, began launching messages using video for business. The source stated that the page’s marketing consultant, Rick Porter, Pinterest usage. Tapping into social media marketing is something that not all firms are clear on, and some may skip this outlet altogether due to misunderstanding about its worth. The 6-minute video communication provides essential insight that can help any business launch or improve their social media presence and ad revenue.

As the proliferation of enterprise video solutions grows, so too do the amount of ways that organizations make use of them. Improving morale, driving better returns and promoting communication are among some of the best benefits. With so many technological innovations rolling out every day and methods of communication changing just as rapidly, uniformity in video messages can help people steer through the confusion and improve their comprehension of even the most complex topics.