February 26, 2013


Top tips to blow enterprise video out of the water

By Rob Nunes – VP of Marketing

Enterprise video can be incredibly rewarding with the right approach, providing benefits to productivity, employee engagement and other aspects of operations. In order to gain those benefits, a company has to invest in high-quality production and be constantly working to improve the quality of its service. This means investing in the right enterprise video platform for company needs, and consistently enhancing recording and production practices. Over time a business may run out of ideas on how to enhance these processes, requiring a small push. World Dental offers a few tips for production that can enhance video for business in any industry.

Wide distribution
Ensuring that video is delivered quickly to every employee is essential to its success. When the number of employees trying to download or stream content increases, quality can’t drop and lag cannot occur, or some users will quickly grow frustrated and stop utilizing the service. Investing in the network infrastructure to support large-scale playback and access will help ensure distribution and eliminate the risk that quality will be hurt by quantity.

Provide insight
Video for the sake of video defeats the purpose, if the content is full of fluff and doesn’t offer any important insights and data for employees, they’ll stop watching. By ensuring that video content is just as high-quality in terms of its substance as it is in the technical aspects, a business will see clear performance improvements related to video consumption and truly harness the ROI of enterprise video.

Length and pacing
Many people have gone to see a movie only to feel like it was too long – or too rushed. Business video is no different, and an enterprise has to carefully consider the length and the pacing of its videos. Too much information in a short time span will be just as detrimental to employee engagement as too little data spread across a 30 minute video. Carefully scripting content will help a business avoid these issues, as will carefully editing pre-recorded content.

Video isn’t just about movement
Many people underestimate the importance of the secondary factors of video as well. Audio quality is just as important as video, as is the use of well-placed still images. Sometimes it is easier to provide information more clearly with an image of a graph supplemented by voice-over than with live action.

No matter how a business implements video solutions, it pays to invest in a quality platform and take the time to improve overall production.