January 9, 2013


Top benefits of enterprise video

Any business looking to improve operations has a variety of new trends to choose from. Between bring your own device and virtualization solutions, many companies find that they are able to reduce costs and improve productivity. But one particular solution stands out above all others when it comes to enhancing operations – video content delivery.

With an enterprise video platform in place, a business can improve communications, enhance employee engagement and eliminate schedule and workflow conflicts. Through integration with other technologies such as the cloud and mobile devices, a business can keep its new implementation cost-effective and efficient.

Cost reduction
One of the main benefits that businesses seek with enterprise video solutions is a reduction of overall IT costs. Video presents an efficient solution for meeting replacement, remote working, communications and much more, and it also allows a company to consolidate all of these services into one solution and maximize its efficiency while cutting maintenance, upgrade and operational costs. Additionally, with the utility of video, a business can increase its profits on top of saving money.

Improved communication of ideas
In order to start increasing profits, a business has to utilize video to improve performance. One way this is accomplished is through enhancing the communication of ideas. Written word and even voice often lacks clarity and the visual element that many people need to fully understand an idea. With enterprise video, professionals will have visual demonstrations and clearer instructions to follow when training or implementing new concepts. This will help employees share ideas across the company and enhance the training of new hires.

Embracing mobility
Video is the ultimate tool in many respects because of its portability. With a video file, an employee can download it to his or her tablet or smartphone and watch it at home, on their daily commute or on lunch breaks. This promotes the reduction of scheduling conflicts while also enabling new uses for BYOD and mobility in the workplace. For many professionals, video will help bring mobile devices into the workplace in a productive and efficient manner and help executives better understand the benefits of these devices.

Enhanced collaboration
Along the same lines of improving communications, video allows a business to enhance collaborative efforts. Rather than sending an email with an attachment or trying to send bulky physical documents to multiple co-workers, employees can implement video, and use live webcasting to reach anyone they need to, sharing information and visual representations of work instantly. Video can also be a useful method to get employees up to speed when assigning them to new projects, keeping a succinct visual record of previous work done that can be easily viewed, updated and shared.

Marketing integration
While many of the benefits associated with video are related to productivity and the sharing of information, the technology has many other uses that can be incorporated once a business has implemented the network infrastructure and other tools necessary to support video. From external communications to marketing initiatives, a business can add a lot more to its operations with video than just internal content delivery. However, the latter is still one of the best uses that be made for video, and by implementing the right solutions to support it a company will be able to reduce the cost of implementing these other service at a later time.

Today, video is one of the fastest-growing business solutions for a variety of needs, and investing sooner rather than later will give companies the push they need to meet the competition head on and improve profits and engagement for years to come.