March 12, 2013


Timely and Flawless Video Communication Reduces Merger Stress for American Airlines Employees

By Mike Merit – VP of Customer Success

In today’s Corporate America, with countless mergers and massive business changes, it’s important that corporate communications always has the capability to delivery critical information quickly and the confidence that the system being used will work as expected.

A few weeks ago the airline industry was forever changed when American Airlines and US Airways announced their intent to form the world’s largest airline.  Understandably, employees were anxious about the changes.  The challenge for American’s management team was to deliver the most up to date and accurate information to every employee.  At the very moment the merger was announced, the team from American Airlines released seven videos covering the details of the merger and a recap of the press event.  American Airlines used Kontiki’s video embeds and delivery technology to deliver this crucial information to all employees worldwide.  These seven videos were viewed over 70,000 times with no IT impacts or major issues reported.

Plan Ahead by Scale Testing

Our clients at American Airlines certainly had a lot on the line on merger day, but they were confident that the system would work seamlessly in large part because they had done scale testing previously by simulating a video delivery to all employees (using Kontiki’s background delivery).   We’ve previously worked with other customers like UTC, CenturyLink and Wells Fargo to make merger announcements and the key learning is: test at scale early and often so when the next “big shift” happens with your company, you’ll be ready to communicate to all employees with confidence.  Don’t wait until you have two days or two hours notice!   If you’re an existing Kontiki customer, let your Customer Success manager know if you’d like to stage a background scale test for live events or mass delivery of on-demand video.