March 5, 2015


Things to Consider Before Hosting a Webinar

webinar event

An engaging method of delivering information and promoting a product or service to an audience from different locations, businesses utilise webinar software to host online seminars, even if they have limited knowledge and expertise in technology. Just like any other normal events and seminars, there are important things to consider before hosting a webinar. Here are some of them:

  • Audience

Most webinar software can cater to a specified number of participants at a certain cost. Some companies that provide webinar software charge additional fees for every person that will exceed the specified number of participants. Calculate the number of your audience or participants before using webinar software to avoid additional fees.

  • Duration

The attention span of an audience, if the content of a webinar is too long, can be somewhat limited. Strategically organise your topics, without affecting the impact of the information, in order to keep the interest of your audience. You can divide the content into several portions so that all the necessary topics will be effectively covered. Then, you can allot at least 15 to 30-minute breaks in between sessions.

  • Format

There are several formats of webinar that meet different purposes. Some of the common formats include one-speaker, interview style and interactive. As its name suggests, a one-speaker webinar has a single presenter that talks, explains and answers the queries from the audience. An interview style webinar includes an interviewer that asks the audience a set of questions. An interactive webinar involves participation and interaction from the audience through activities and conversations that are led by instructors. These formats also help to determine the perfect webinar software to use.

  • Audio and Visuals

Webinars use audio and visuals to communicate with the audience. Slide show presentations that contain plain text tend to make the audience uninterested. To avoid this, present slides that contain a quick outline of the webinar. Aside from the topics (with images), the slides may also include some tools that create a more lively webinar experience. Additionally, most webinar software allows the sharing of desktops which display the interaction between websites and programs.

  • Support Team

There are people behind every successful webinar. There are presenter/s, assistants and the facilitator. These three roles can be performed solely by the host. However, it is more efficient to assign the roles to different people, especially during big and complex webinars, so that the responsibilities will be properly accomplished.

  • Webinar Software and Tools

Webinar software and tools offer distinct features that will suit your webinar needs. Kontiki provides webinar software and other communicating tools that will meet the needs and surpass the expectations of every business. If you want to learn more about Kontiki, please contact us on +44 (0) 800 242 5602.