March 31, 2014


The future of video communication and data management

Enterprise video solutions help organizations communicate more effectively the essential information they have to pass along to their personnel without the concerns of miscommunication or lack of visibility. At the same time, these recordings provide a level of clarity of content that doesn’t exist with traditional print or single-presentation media. The value of video assets makes them an appealing option to a growing number of businesses, but with the threat of data breach similarly on the rise across all enterprise landscapes, it’s important for corporations to also consider the management associated with handling these often oversized files.

The size of corporate documents these days continues to expand as more companies start putting their operations into totally digital landscapes. These assets are cumbersome at times, making it difficult for organizations to always get messages to viewers in a way that keeps them satisfied and engaged, but on the other hand, these same problems can lead to theft of intellectual property. Balancing endpoint security and availability are increasingly pressing matters for a variety of corporate establishments.

Aiming for protection
Apart from the fact that corporate assets are a valuable commodity for hackers and other malicious third parties, there are other matters to consider as well, including compliance and eDiscovery inquiries. With the size of business video assets increasing at exponentially greater intervals than in the past and firms responsible for ever-growing inventories of video communication, it’s important to have assets in place that can handle the demand for these recordings.

The Daily Telegraph’s Business Technology Online wrote that big data is having a major impact on the way audio, images and video for business are managed. Enterprise platforms and other associated solutions can present a unified front that enhances oversight and control of these files, making them easier to handle. This serves the dual purpose of delivering more oversight to these files, which helps with security and protection, while also creating better compliance opportunities for internal manipulation. What’s more, the presence of superior enterprise video portal technology makes it easy to provide streaming assistance and on-demand interactions that an increasing number of companies want to extend their viewing audiences.

The source added that there are ongoing problems with delivery and in-house management, many of which are linked to storage capabilities. Apart from overseeing the proper control and protection of video communication, adequate platforms and management tools provide companies with a means of reviewing and refining the throughput process, thereby ensuring that streaming and viewer demands and being met.

Meeting new requirements
Video communication itself is a valuable commodity that hackers may want to steal. At the same time, this assets also provides organizations with a new and innovative means of potentially improving enterprise security. The value of security software and solutions themselves may lend to the overall value of video resources, especially when IT personnel put these tools to work under the guise of detecting and enforcing advanced enterprise video analytics.

These kinds of endeavors, Security Info Watch detailed, coordinate the usage of video communication with certain networks and audiences that use them on a regular basis. Businesses can learn a lot about viewership depending on when, where and how messages are accessed, as well as helping to alert firms in some cases to security problems. The quality and content of these recordings helps dictate not only their usability, but the level of visibility and success the entire enterprise video platform is receiving.

Michael Matta of Solink told the source that there are increasing opportunities for using enterprise video solutions to meet business intelligence and analytics demands. These tools have a plethora of data points embedded in them, not just regarding the content that each recording delivers, but also in the way these messages are used. Tapping into this feedback can strengthen the overall video communication landscape and provide better internal security.

By creating an environment where video is both the asset to be protected and a resource for enhancing overall safety, enterprise communications are able to significantly increase their overall value. Producing more corporate content in this format generates great return on investment, whether it’s in support of business protection or intelligence efforts.