December 8, 2014


The Difference between Webinar and Webcast

Webinar and webcasting have their own functionality. The primary differences between webinars and webcasts are their audience and purpose. Webinars involve interaction, while webcasts are a one-to-many multi-media broadcast.


A webinar is a collaborative arrangement over the Internet. It is usually designed for a live, on-line interactive meeting for specific audience/s. The data transmission works between the speaker and viewers. Companies mainly use it to train and develop their employees. It is also used for business meetings.

How it works

Webinars are live and time-constrained. For secured webinars, participants may utilise the same password to access the seminar. They are accessible at a specific time and date that is set for the conference. Webinars commonly involve slide shows and may have multiple presenters.


  • Builds up business links
  • Improves company’s product/ service awareness
  • Builds loyalty with existing clients


Web casting



Webcasts use the Internet to disseminate information and are either live or taped. Frequently used to attract new clients, the data transmission works in a speaker to audience way.

How it works

Webcasts are not time-constrained and can be seen at any time. Intended to be shared online and accessible by the public, it is often used in viral advertising because it gives businesses access to a wider audience.


  • No limit on the number of participants
  • Low ownership costs and annual fees
  • Self-service capabilities and easy to use
  • Reliable, high audio and video quality
  • Ideal for lectures, announcements, general sessions and panel discussions
  • Allows company to reach employees in different locations, thus saving time and money


One of the most recommended tools for webcasting is the Kontiki Webcaster. It is an unlimited, self-service enterprise webcasting platform of meetings for 200 or more viewers. It is a part of Kontiki’s Enterprise Video Suite, which includes the following features and benefits:

  • High video and audio quality

Kontiki Webcaster has a high resolution video and high quality sounds. It can also be viewed on a desktop or mobile device, Live or VOD. It has no distracting buffering and no stop-starts that cause network strain or viewer drop-off.

  •  Interactive

It displays live questions and answers, polling and slides in sync for maximum immersion.

  •  Cloud Based Platform

Kontiki Webcaster uses existing network infrastructure to scale rich-media delivery at a lower cost, without sacrificing quality. It has a cloud-based platform with a low annual cost and no hidden fees.

  •  Availability

It reaches 100% of all the employees during the live event and Video on Demand. It is also accessible on smart-phones and tablets.

  •  Seamless Enterprise Integration

Its API enables flexible integration of rich content into portals and management systems.

  •  Built-in Enterprise Content Delivery Network

It produces impeccable webcasts that reach the extended enterprise with Kontiki’s unique delivery technology.

If you are interested in using Kontiki Webcaster, please visit the Kontiki website for more details.