March 26, 2013


Technology helps video for business go further than ever

Getting the right message across is crucial for sealing the deal, building collaboration and making corporate culture uniform. These are essential aspects of forming a cohesive organization, where goals and business ideologies meet, allowing employees to feel more in control of their work lives and consumers to get a better grasp of what the company’s all about. Video for business has played a critical part in facilitating improvements in these sectors.

By integrating various aspects of modern technology in video communication, such as content, encoding and delivery options, companies can spring past the competition in a number of ways. The Belfast Telegraph stated that businesses are making more aggressive use of cloud deployments, creating always-available video resources for personnel wherever they are or whenever they choose to view content.

This has also opened up the landscape for mobile applications of the technology. With more organizations than ever allowing bring-your-own-device programs and otherwise integrating mobile resources into the work sphere, cutting costs while offering employees more diverse, flexible options. The Telegraph commented that it’s essential for organizations to ensure they have the right blend of modern technology like cloud and social, as well as legacy delivery tools such as email, so that viewers of all kinds are guaranteed access.

Enhanced options and applications
These resources are seeing far more success reaching across platforms of any type, automatically creating more viewers for corporate videos . According to eWeek, the recent Enterprise Connect 2013 expo in Florida showed off some of the best uses of comprehensive video solution deployment. This includes creating quality content, concise messages and delivering them through channels that the majority of their target audience can easily access. This may require launching video-as-a-service resources, eWeek stated, which would allow firms and their clients to create and share recordings seamlessly and securely. Compared to simply posting a video on a corporate site and waiting to see if it gets hits, this system lets companies track viewers and make sure that everyone the message is intended for is receiving these messages.

As cloud computing becomes the industry standard, businesses are constantly challenging this system to find better ways of implementing solutions in this setting. Adding mobile devices to their arrays, bringing in social media connections and feedback, making content viewable in a multi-channel capacity and other methods of spreading video for business are emerging all the time.