Enterprise Video Conference: First things first

Enterprise video conferencing reached an 18% revenue in 2010, which amounts to around £1.3 billion. According to one of the world’s top communication research organisations, Infonetics, the revenue of enterprise video conferencing has the potential of doubling this year. It could amount to more than £3 billion ($5 billion).

video conference

Video conferencing has become a necessity for most enterprises. If you want to include this in your company procedures, you must first consider the following:

  1. Cameras

The camera is one of the main tools in video conferencing. Make sure that only high quality cameras are employed for video conferencing. A camera with a small lens will be fine for one-on-one meetings, while group meetings will require a wider lens camera.

  1. Microphones

Another tool in video conferencing is the microphone. The proper placement and usage of microphones will contribute to the quality of your conference. A microphone placed too far away will make you sound like you are whispering. However, a microphone placed too near can sound distorted on the other line.

  1. Provider

There are different companies that offer video conferencing services in various methods. Nowadays, it is advisable to choose the one that utilises a cloud based system, like Kontiki’s video solutions. Offering greater flexibility and more network options over older transmission methods, this has been a major driving factor behind many corporate adaption programs.

  1. Software

Running a software solution for your video conferencing needs may result in a sizeable dent in your capital, which is the common belief of most enterprise companies. It is true that capabilities and connectivity will only go as far as your network’s bandwidth. However, there are some providers that offer their services at reasonable cost, without sacrificing the quality of the software. Kontiki, which is considered as aWebex alternative, offers a high quality, live video webcast that is way cheaper than a conference call bridge.


Video conferencing is one of the most convenient ways to communicate with your people. Kontiki will enable you to integrate new solutions for your business’ continuous growth. Contact us on +44 (0) 800.242.5602 for more details.