Top 3 Reasons for Making Your Webcast Compatible for Smartphones

webcast smartphone compatibility

Using mobile phones for webcasting has been gradually introduced into the market since the year 2000. The WebEx alternative that Kontiki provides is highly compatible with smartphones. We advise our clients to create a webcast that is compatible with smartphones because of the following reasons:


  1. It is in demand.

According to research, 377.5 million units of smartphones were sold in the last quarter of 2014, worldwide. For the full year, an outstanding demand of 1.3 billion was supplied by telephone companies. It has a 27.7% growth rate compared to the 1.0 billion sales in 2013. Looking at these results, we can guarantee that webcasting via smartphones will continue to inflate. You can also attract more viewers in your webcast. A smartphone-compatible webcast is very unlikely to be outcast in the next few years.


  1. It brings more traffic.

In 2012, smartphones exceeded 50% of Internet traffic for the first time. This statistic later reached about 69% by the end of 2014. That means that people are not only using desktops or laptops to view the Internet. In fact, most people use their mobile phones to surf the Internet since it is more convenient. Companies who exclude mobile phones for their advertising and marketing purposes might just find themselves out of the competition.


  1. It covers a wide demographic.

In the UK, 72% or 7 out of 10 people have their own smartphone. Common phone users could previously have been divided into two groups; Generation Y and Generation Z. Generation Y are typically aged between 25 and 30. Around 89 % of these people have smart phones and are considered the best target market for webcasting via smartphones. Generation Z are those who are around 16 to 24 years old. Around 85% of this age bracket use smartphones. More recently, people between the ages of 54 to 65 have been recorded as having 48% ownership. This proves that the use of smartphones covers a wide demography and offers a big opportunity for enterprises to take advantage.


Choose a WebEx alternative that is compatible on smartphones. You can call Kontiki on +44 (0) 800 242 5602 to learn more about this alternative.