Kontiki MediaCenter: Beyond the Webcast


Webcast software, like the Kontiki Webcaster, is used by many enterprises to educate and engage their employees in meetings and events. However, the life of your event should not end in the webcast.

How do you ensure that the life of your event doesn’t end in the webcast?

One of the ways to do this is to utilise an employee video portal like the Kontiki Media Centre. This solution will extend the life of your event beyond the hour in which your webcast actually occurs.

What is the Kontiki Media Centre?

The Kontiki Media Centre, often referred to as YouTube for the Enterprise solution, not only extends the life of your event, it also helps to communicate and engage with your employees before and after the event.

How does the Kontiki Media Centre work?

If your employees were not able to see the live event or if they simply want to review it, the Kontiki Media Centre is capable of letting your employees experience the event, even after it has occurred.  They can immediately acquire the documented video of the event whenever they need it. In addition, the Kontiki Media Centre can also be used to stir up the interest and enthusiasm before the event. You can load “preview or trailer” videos produced by the company or an employee that are associated with the upcoming event.

What are the features of the Kontiki Media Centre?

Some of the features of the Kontiki Media Centre include:

  • Dedicated Video Portal

– This can create an accessible, enterprise-wide background of video communication, highlight important videos and handle engaging information to employees.

  • Social Video Capabilities

– This allows secure sharing, ratings, tags, comments and employee generated videos.

  • Easy to Use

– Whether you are at your station or on the move, it can be accessed through any web browser or mobile device. It has an intuitive user interface and the video can be easily detected by means of search and channel browsing.

  • No Deployments

– This offers a cloud-based platform. You don’t need to install hardware or bandwidth upgrades as Kontiki can utilise your existing network. Its cross-platform support only demands end users to have Adobe Flash and can be accessed via Internet Explorer and Firefox on Linux, Mac and Windows.

  • Enterprise-Class Security and Control

– This is incorporated with SAML, Active Directory or corporate LDAP for combined services and access control. You can manage who can use it, add and modify the portal through role and group-based permission. You can also turn on and off some specific features, either system-wide or at the individual level.

Where can you get the Kontiki Media Centre?

The Kontiki Media Centre is one of the enterprise-focused applications that are included in Kontiki’s Enterprise Video Suite. If you want to go beyond the webcast, call us now on 888-317-9283.