The Kontiki Reality Behind Video Divide Myths

video divide myths

There are several myths, often referred to as Video Divides, that hinder companies in recognising the opportunities from the essential improvements in video communication. Kontiki eliminates this video divide by revealing the truth behind every myth about video communication within an enterprise.

Myth #1: My corporate network supports video content delivery to all employees who want it.

Kontiki Reality: In traditional delivery, about 90% of enterprises can’t get high-quality video content. Kontiki affords high-quality video content, from the centralised servers to every employee’s computer and mobile.

Myth #2: My employees want a consumer-style video experience but the security and liability concerns are too high.

Kontiki Reality: Kontiki’s main concern is to secure the content of the enterprise. The central part of Kontiki’s video platform has a built-in, end-to-end security framework. This is because the architecture of Kontiki’s video portal is based on a dispersed delivery model. With Kontiki’s Media Centre, employees can expect a user-friendly network where the video content is exclusively handled, controlled and secured by your company.  Only those authorised users can request, receive and publish the content into the system.

Myth #3: The only way to support enterprise video is through costly bandwidth and hardware upgrades in every office.

Kontiki Reality: With Kontiki’s EDCN (Enterprise Content Delivery Network), companies don’t need to buy additional hardware upgrades or bandwidth just to enable video in the enterprise. With the use of software, Kontiki can use your existing infrastructure to distribute high-quality video to all employees, worldwide.

Myth #4: Delivering video content to all employees is cost prohibitive.

Kontiki Reality: In terms of cost, using the high-quality Live Video Webcast of Kontiki is significantly lower than the conference call bridge that is similarly offered in WebEx or Live Meeting. Kontiki’s video solution is just a portion of the cost of hardware-based options.

Myth #5: Video-enabling my network will take years.

Kontiki Reality: Kontiki has enabled over 170,000 global users to have high-quality video within their network, in less than two months. Kontiki’s video solutions can be fully installed in weeks to all the users in an enterprise.

Myth #6: Enterprise video quality is low.

Kontiki Reality: Kontiki’s ECDN delivers HD and TV-quality video (both live and on-demand) to all employees worldwide, even in remote workplaces, without influencing your corporate network.

Myth #7: Creating, managing and delivering content video is a complex multi-vendor solution.

Kontiki Reality: Kontiki is the only company that provides end-to-end solutions to generate, control and distribute content video and engage all of your employees. Kontiki provides all of the video communication’s  functionality that is needed by a business, from live video webcasting to the other integrated video solutions. Kontiki has equipped it all in a single, comprehensive, cloud-based platform known as Kontiki’s Enterprise Video Suite.

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