Taking Video on Demand to the Next Level

Kontiki Video On Demand

Many companies experience some difficulties in delivering high-quality video across their enterprise. The quality and impact of video communication delivery reduces as the network grows and becomes more complex.

The good thing is that Kontiki’s Enterprise Video Platform can guarantee that high-quality video outputs will be distributed to every user or employee in your company, even those in remote locations, without affecting your network.

There are three essential elements that empower Kontiki to deliver high-quality video distribution:

  1. Peer-Assisted Delivery

The endpoints in a typical enterprise network are the computers of the employees (users). These computers are linked to the main server, where they acquire the data needed by the user. They are connected by numerous routers and other linking devices.

For example, an employee wants to obtain a corporate video. Generally speaking, the computer will send a request that will pass through the routers, until it reaches the main server and vice versa. When a large number of users send such requests, the network will be congested and may interrupt other important requests.

With the peer-assisted delivery feature of Kontiki’s Enterprise Video platform, every computer (employee) is a server. Employees do not have to get information from the main server as the video may be obtained directly from other computers. The use of the prevailing network will be enhanced as the unused storage and bandwidth of the computers are maximised. Additionally, the other applications will not be interrupted, even on a complex network.

  1. Topology Awareness

When all the computers become servers, Kontiki then becomes aware of the network topology. It tries to find the nearest potential source in the network to obtain the information needed. This search will commence from the computer’s own subnet. If the data is not available within the computer’s own subnet, the computer will refer to the nearest subnets until it finds the source of the video.

When some links are slower than the rest, they may be slightly utilised or they may not be considered as an efficient route. Alternatively, new links can also be used to enhance the general delivery of the video.

  1. Deferential Delivery Protocol

Unlike other protocols, Kontiki’s proprietary delivery protocol (KDP)  prevents the delay of the overall video delivery on a network. The KDP endeavours not to bring packet loss in their links. Kontiki prevents packet loss and improves the network usage, to deliver a large number of high-quality videos, by using the prevailing network sources without causing congestion.


With the elements of Kontiki’s Enterprise Video Platform, employees can acquire and effectively deliver high-quality videos across their network (locally or globally). Please call us to learn more about our products.