9 Commonly Used Terms Relating to the Video Content Management System

Video Content Management System

VCMS (Video Content Management System) is software that allows an organisation to manage, centralise and deliver videos online. VCMS is also referred to as “corporate YouTube.” Listed below are some of the common terms related to the enterprise video content management system that will help you to better understand this software package.

  1. API (Application Program Interface)

According to Webopedia, it is a set of protocols, routines and tools for building software applications.

  1. Playback

This facility allows viewers to pause the video at any stage, critique the video content, take notes and give an overall rating.

  1. Upload

When uploading, data is being transmitted from a computer to the cloud or network.

  1. Editing

Editing involves combining, remixing and trimming videos. This feature allows the user to make changes in video transcripts, synchronize videos with slideshows and presentations and edit the Meta data.

  1. Transcoding

This involves converting video files into a variety of formats to assure compatibility with all types of devices, including mobile phones and tablets. One good example is converting a Flash-based video to MP4 for smartphones.

  1. Streaming

This involves receiving data, either in the form of video or audio, in a continuous and steady stream.

  1. Analytics

A systematic analysis of data or reports that provides an insight into bandwidth consumption, popular content and number of views, video analytics is a tool that also measures the effectiveness of your video presentations.

  1. Search

This is the ability to search a certain video using keywords, across massive video libraries.

  1. Content Management System (CMS)

This is a software application that allows the user to edit, organise, delete, modify and publish content.

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