Kontiki Broadcaster for Lync: Meeting the Need for Broadcasting Lync Video Conferences


Microsoft Lync allows employees to connect with other members of the company through casual video conversation and small group discussions. However, Microsoft Lync cannot distribute business-critical data to a scattered labour force. The good thing is that the Kontiki Broadcaster for Lync can help surpass this video communication challenge.

What is Kontiki Broadcaster for Lync?

Kontiki Broadcaster for Lync is a broadcasting tool that enables companies to reach a large number of real-time audience within Lync. Kontiki’s outstanding video platform and content delivery technology are united with the features of Microsoft Lync.

The company Heads may access the Lync video conferences (live, recorded or archived) and have the authority to disseminate them to thousands of employees within the enterprise.

What are the features of Kontiki Broadcaster for Lync?

Kontiki Broadcaster for Lync offers different video broadcasts within the Lync:

Live Video Broadcast

Live video conferencing is one of the best mediums of communication, yet the most demanding to use and deliver. This is usually because of the network limitations in the enterprise. The slow buffering and jittering of live videos may affect the power of the message delivery. The quality is often reduced, particularly for employees who are located far from the office (home based workers, people on the field, etc.)

Kontiki Broadcaster for Lync has moved beyond this difficulty. The members of the company may add a live video broadcast to set off numerous Lync video broadcasting conferences at once. The live video is consistently distributed to the workforce, without negatively affecting the network or the quality of the video.

Recorded Video Broadcast

Users can maximise the same value of the integrated Kontiki delivery technology to deliver excellent pre-recorded videos. Kontiki Broadcaster for Lync allows them to disseminate or broadcast the recorded video at once, with the same quality of a live video telecast.

Archived Lync Meeting Video Broadcast

Kontiki Broadcaster for Lync allows the company leaders to broadcast the archived Lync meetings to a large number of members within the Lync. This will help the enterprise to constantly distribute essential information that is included in the archived meetings.

Aside from this broadcasting feature, companies may trace the registration of the employees, the efficiency of the network and the complete viewer details with the use of content. Additionally, this improves the return on investment (ROI) of companies that use Microsoft Lync.

Kontiki Broadcaster for Lync will improve the efficiency of communication between the heads of department and employees in your company.