June 11, 2012


Tablets may have to play a role in corporate video strategies

Businesses have to figure out a way to deal with rising mobile device use in the enterprise. What many are quickly finding out is that mobile platforms using the WLAN or similar system also affect the core network, as a company’s LAN and WAN systems often act as the backhaul network for the WLAN. As a result, organizations may need to respond to increased mobile use with corresponding network upgrades.

This trend is especially prevalent when it comes to enterprise video strategies, as a growing number of mobile users are turning to their tablets to stream content. According to a recent comScore study, approximately one in four smartphone users also own a tablet. Tablet users are also approximately three times more likely to watch video on their devices. Roughly 10 percent of all tablet users currently watch video on a daily basis using their mobile devices.

Mark Donovan, senior vice president of mobile for comScore, explained that tablets are rapidly emerging as a key endpoint for video consumption.

“Tablets are one of the most rapidly adopted consumer technologies in history and are poised to fundamentally disrupt the way people engage with the digital world,” said Donovan.

In the enterprise, any video viewed through the WLAN has to first be sent through the LAN or WAN to the router. As a result, all of the bandwidth issues that are presented by traditional video delivery through the network are further complicated because the content is being delivered to multiple types of devices. This is contributing to an environment in which businesses increasingly need to invest in video-specific solutions to handle content delivery.