January 19, 2012


Study: More than half of US adults watch streaming video

Americans are increasingly turning to video content delivery for their entertainment needs, according to the results of a survey released this week by the Consumer Electronics Association.

Streaming services are generally preferred to downloaded video content, the researchers found. A little more than half said they watched streaming video, compared to just 15 percent who reported viewing downloaded media.

The CEA’s manager for industry relations, Chris Ely, said that the easy availability of streaming content – thanks in large part to technological advances – is the primary driver for its widespread appeal.

“The rise of mobile broadband has resulted in the emergence of connected devices that are able to stream content directly from the internet, and services that allow consumers to store and access content without the need of a hard drive,” he stated.

Experts note that the business world, as well, is seeing increased use of streaming video. However, companies tend to use the technology as a tool for communication and collaboration, as well as a method of distributing promotional content.