October 15, 2013


Streaming video options help organizations produce better connections

Companies are branching out their operations, looking for faster, easier and more intuitive ways to interact with their personnel. To that end, more corporations are working on improving their interaction assets and building their reliance on data resources that allow them to save money. This has made cloud infrastructure more popular and essential to everyday business operations.

At the same time, cloud resources have helped companies understand the flexibility and capabilities of digital architecture. Such network options help businesses remain connected at all times, promoting clearer interactions and communications across all network vertices. In order to ensure that these kinds of channels remain as effective as possible, the presence of enterprise video streaming has become increasingly prevalent.

Rapid recording retrieval
Streaming options with recorded messages help ensure that viewers are always able to see the information they need without experiencing excessive latency, increased downtime or problems with throughput. Stream capabilities also increase visibility and availability of corporate recordings, as these tools are essential for keeping videos moving fluidly. When there is less latency involved in the download and viewing processes of essential information, personnel and clients are more willing and able to interact with these recordings than if they were supplied through traditional hosting methods.

Enterprise video streaming has become increasingly popular with a growing number of organizations as time passes. Just as cloud infrastructure is expanding, so too are the options for business recordings to reach new audiences and increase their overall presence both within the organization and as part of customer-facing initiatives. The flexibility of these tools makes them a sound return on investment as well, because these tools are able to be directed at a number of different parties without losing effectiveness or requiring even more money be diverted to these projects.

Integrated technology tools
This has made it a popular addition for industry leaders of all kinds. Even well known organizations are jumping on the video communication craze, specifically when it comes to sharing vital messages in real time. Enterprise video streaming is helping some businesses protect the public, improve client impressions and ensure ongoing excellence in their fields.

Rapid TV News reported that The Weather Channel is among the firms currently interested in improving its streaming capabilities. The source indicated that TWC and its parent company, NBC Universal, is looking into means and ways to put more intuitive, responsive tools on its website and mobile offerings that provide viewers with more readily accessible forecasts, updates and radar images that help people plan their lives and protect their assets.

TWC is putting its first enterprise streaming video option, Weather Films, online in an attempt to show the viability of this endeavor. It is available for use online or on mobile devices, making it easy to share or view while on the go. The presence of more mobile devices in the workplace also makes it more intuitive for people to access TWC insights through their handheld units, thereby making it an essential market for the firm to corner.

Mobile utilities are a pressing part of the enterprise streaming platform solution. These tools are behind much of the migration to cloud and portable business structure in the last few years, with plenty of individuals accessing vital corporate knowledge on their smartphones and tablets while in the office. Other use these same utilities to interact with business systems while on the go or working from home.

Adapting to markets
Web Pro News stated that these changes in corporate landscape and user environments are facilitating a major shift in how companies conduct their data curation and everyday system maintenance. Mobile devices are seeing far more use in the consumer sphere, and as companies increasingly allow bring your own device outlets and the ability to network between portable tools, staff members find that they already own these resources and prefer to use their own items for completing routine job tasks.

On top of that, the source indicated an IHS study found that the number of multichannel users will explode between now and 2017, with a predicted 8.2 billion smartphones, tablets, phablets, laptops and other sophisticated, portable resources will be privately owned across the globe.

“On average every human being in the world will possess more than one Internet-connected video device by the year 2017 – a major milestone for the electronics market,” said IHS senior Analyst Merrick Kingston. “In practice, ownership of Internet-connected hardware will be concentrated among users whose homes are equipped with broadband connections.

Keeping up with the ways in which people prefer to interact with their media is important. Enterprise streaming video is becoming increasingly more well-suited for smartphones and tablets, and with more consumers adopting these tools than ever and the trend expected to explode, it’s a smart move for organizations to adopt mobile tools now as well.