January 30, 2014


Streaming video makes big inroads into corporate operations

Creating streaming enterprise video communication is among one of the best tools for companies that want to generate superior interaction opportunities for their business partners. In instances where organizations want to take advantage of more connectivity options, firms need to build more channels for optimized interaction. There are great opportunities for companies to take their engagement to the next level with enterprise operations that can spread engagement to all points of the corporate sphere.

Bridging the gap
Streaming has become the main tool for these kinds of endeavors, with businesses bridging time and distance gaps thanks to the flexibility of the cloud. These networks help organizations provide superior coverage for their staff members, generating greater engagement among employees even when they work remotely or at satellite offices. As the ubiquity of corporate communications continues to expand, so too does streaming video communication reach more recipients.

The point of integrating enterprise streaming video into overall communication is to ensure that all personnel are able to engage all the necessary staff members they need to. With firms expanding their operations all the time, it’s important for companies to ensure that they have network options that can help produce superior interactions. Crossing enterprise lines and spreading video communication allows organizations to verify all of their staff are getting the best quality of message and creating unified corporate culture.

Argus Leager reported that the amount of streaming video has increased dramatically in the last year. According to the source, there’s been more video communication traffic and information transfer thanks to improved connectivity options. A study by Midcontinent Communications showed that information usage has doubled every 15 months over the last few years. Increased usage over that time period that also indicates that peak traffic is likely to keep growing for the foreseeable future.

“It’s a little challenging to stay ahead of that demand, but that’s the path we’ve chosen to take,” said Jon Pederson, vice president of Midcontinent Communications. “If somebody wants to download a great big file, we think they should be able to download a great big file. That’s not everyone’s philosophy, but that’s what we’ve decided to do.”

The source indicated that there’s been steady enhancement in enterprise streaming media volume since the end of 2010. That’s resulted in steadily growing big data pathways that companies must strive to maintain. Regulating these networks has resulted in a significant burden for a number of business systems, but modern data solutions are helping organizations manage these file loads.

Reducing buffering and building BI
Bloomberg Business stated that there’s more than just generating positive video streams in the modern enterprise realm. Companies need to focus on delivering quality experiences that also help encourage people to keep using these tools. In cases where there’s little quality to a stream or things are too clunky in the download phase, personnel may not feel watching the rest of a recording or waiting for it to finish buffering.

“We have customers who are extremely demanding,” said Christopher Widauer of the Vienna State Opera. “They don’t want buffering. They want to watch an opera as if they’re sitting in the room.”

This has become the standard for excellence among enterprise streaming video users. As Bloomberg Business reported, there are increasing demands for financial resources in the business realm, as well as greater opportunities for cashing in on recording resources. Outlets that provide enterprise streaming experiences can produce better feedback and adoption from corporate users, so companies get a leg up in selecting services, creating stronger ideas and forging superior bonds. What’s more, these outlets make it easy for businesses to bridge gaps in communication.

Most importantly, by producing superior analytics and business intelligence, organizations are able to anticipate future outcomes and provide better support to staff members. By monitoring how people engage with video communication, companies can learn the how’s and why’s as to what drives employees to access recordings and watch them all the way through. The end result is a more powerful, unified workforce that is on the same page regarding both current endeavors and has a better idea of the picture of an organization in the future.

Enterprise streaming video has become a major player in the big data and digital infrastructure realms. New connectivity options are helping companies spread their messages more quickly and easily, while enhanced network options allow firms to feel confident that their video communication is being received successfully. This allows businesses to keep all their employees on the same page, even when some or even all members of workforce are part of the remote connectivity movement. Generating a superior interaction is possible among staff members even on mobile devices, operating in the cloud or working in traditional office spaces.