September 16, 2013


Streaming video is on the rise, enterprise video to follow.

The use of streaming video is on the rise, and part of this has to do with its popularity among the younger generation. A recent study conducted by GFK revealed that 51 percent of the country’s population watches streaming video weekly. Nearly two thirds (62 percent) of consumers aged 13 to 33 watch streaming movies or TV weekly, and this figure drops to under half for both ages 34 to 47, and 48 to 54.

It’s safe to say that more people are getting used to watching streaming video, which bodes well for the businesses using enterprise video. As technology improves and business paradigms evolve, there is an increase in the use of streaming video content within organizations. Companies are using video as part of training, HR, corporate webcasting and keeping their employees up to date on all the latest news.

Generation Y in the workforce
Since the study revealed that it is mostly consumers in the Generation Y bracket who are routinely streaming, employees of the future will be more likely to respond favorably to their employers’ video communication. Companies like Kontiki are crucial in developing internal enterprise video platforms to showcase business content to employees.

The study also mentioned that broadband connections to mobile devices are continuing to advance in quality. Researchers predict that this will only increase the amount of video being streamed on mobile devices. As we get used to a world where more people watch video content on their phones and tablets, we will surely see an increase in popularity among  enterprise video.

The benefits of video
These days, with companies using enterprise video and video webcasting, it isn’t necessary for every employee to be in the same place at the same time. Workers can use their computers or mobile devices to reacquaint themselves with core ideas at their leisure, and this information will be streamed on an internal web system, not taking up valuable space on a hard drive.

Also, businesses that use enterprise video can customize their content at an affordable price. Digital video cameras are increasingly less expensive, and editing software is becoming more user-friendly. Not only does this open up the door straight-to-the-point content, it gives the corporation an edge toward a more dynamic way to communicate with employees, a welcome alternative to business meetings and mass e-mails.