March 13, 2013


Streaming video communication grows in multiple circles

Having access to essential teaching and training materials is necessary for creating the best-informed students and personnel. Businesses and educational institutions alike are finding the value in such assets, coming up with more ways to get more video communication to those who need it most. Whether it’s a college setting or a corporate boardroom, providing top-notch informational videos is important for getting the right message across in the most comprehensive way possible.

The popularity of streaming video has grown in consumer and corporate spheres as more business models show the process to be profitable and convenient. Wired wrote that many organizations, especially marketing and advertising firms, were concerned that paying for screen time online wouldn’t have the payoff of television and other channels. However, as services like Hulu and Netflix have shown, creating custom content available only through a specific video communication channel can still draw large audiences and high viewership. One show exclusively available on Netflix, House of Cards, has remained a top-watched television program despite only being watchable through a subscription.

A growing marketplace of acceptance
The translation for other video products is that people are becoming more familiar and comfortable using online-hosted communication outlets. These resources allow businesses and educators to access important files at any time and play them back on any device with an internet connection. The end result, as Wired pointed out, is a media infrastructure dependent on business video streaming that provides all the convenience of face-to-face training alongside the ease of use of enterprise video solutions.

What Netflix does better than its competition, Yahoo Finance stated, is offer the same services as other business video streaming providers at a better value. Organizations of all kinds are looking for the same kind of experience from their educational and tutorial streaming options, indicating to providers that looking for more inclusive solutions may be the best idea. By offering users uploading and sharing capabilities, as well as network assistance and special features only available through their client, they will be able to attract more clientele and retain more users, even if their price points are the same as those of their competitors.

The proliferation of streaming video communication tools has taken its cue from the consumer world, with more professionals feeling comfortable with and confident in what these solutions can do. Providers must now step up their game to offer the best options at a great value, as businesses of all kinds are already making use of these tools and will likely increase their reliance in the future.