June 9, 2014


Streaming media solutions improve business operations

Getting access to people and resources on an as-needed basis is getting more attention thanks to enhanced network options and modern technology. Endpoint infrastructure is becoming more complex and readily available, while knowledge of complex systems and superior data management is helping to put enterprise streaming media into more employees’ hands. Combining the best in hardware, software and client insights can help corporations create successful operations using more remote and renewable assets than ever before.

Garnering attention
The presence of streaming media solutions has freed many corporations from the stressful, expensive and time-consuming tasks of bringing everyone together in one space and time to convey information that would be just as viable and useful on each person’s own schedule. In fact, letting workers engage with content in ways that best fit their workflow could help increase attention and retention for these deployments. It makes sense to implement solutions that fit the face of changing enterprise standards and provides the best return on investment, thereby driving enterprise streaming video communication into a place of prominence in the business environment.

Bringing more businesses into the modern information landscape helps corporations function more fluidly overall. As The Orlando Sentinel stated, some fields are finding unique ways of integrating enterprise streaming media into standard procedure, creating more expeditious and accurate assessments and processing of regular activities so that firms on both ends of the agreement can move ahead more rapidly.

The source pointed to the Orange County Public Schools system, which supports roughly 200 buildings and a wide array of students, faculty and staff. The organization also needs to coordinate a series of upgrades to eight of its structures, making it difficult to orchestrate attention from contractors, school administrators and other local officials who need to be involved in the process.

Targeting success
Thanks to enterprise streaming media, those involved in┬áconstructing and planning these buildings can remotely review various parts of the build and provide educated insights on how to improve and proceed with operations. By cutting various expenses associated with traditional building and upgrading procedures, it’s much easier for schools like Orange County and other corporations to invest in enhancing their structures. These kinds of upgrades provide long-term return on investment that benefits both the companies paying for these additions, as well as the construction industry as a whole.

“It can increase the number of inspections we’re doing a day, and we should be able to double the inspections and cut costs 25 percent,” OCPS building code compliance administrator David Young told the Sentinel.

Implementing virtual inspections and oversight through enterprise streaming media solutions can help firms cut costs, improve accuracy and generate more confidence in corporate investment. There are still some upgrades to technology that need to happen, as Brevard County official Michael McCaughin said to the source, but there’s already a lot of progress in that direction. Such promotions of organic engagement and streaming content is making for significant inroads in the enterprise and corporate landscape.

Focusing on the future
As SlashFilm stated, streaming video communication is on its way to overtaking physical interactions and other kinds of engagement strategies. A recent study from PricewaterhouseCoopers showed that it’s likely that the presence of corporate video for business will improve while other kinds of issuances, such as hard copy records, will decline by about 20 percent by 2018.

With revenue projections for streaming media set to hit much greater heights in the next few years, businesses should be prepared to take advantage of these kinds of implementations and technology assets. The ability to monopolize on emerging tools and enhanced communications tools makes it easy for enterprise operations to generate better success than competitors, as well as providing better support for internal assets.