July 18, 2012


Strategic approach needed to make the most of video

By Kevin Crayton – VP of Product Management

Enterprise video plans are becoming increasingly pervasive among organizations trying to engage employees and improve internal communication. According to a recent Forbes report, video is at the center of future business collaboration plans and will likely play a major role in corporate tactics moving forward. However, developing a video system can be challenging on technical and operational levels, making a strategic approach critical to finding success with the technology.

The news source explained that there are a few processes organizations can enact to make the most of their video solutions. The first is to evaluate the business priorities that a video program will fit within. This involves gathering business leaders together to discuss how they want to use video.

By having this conversation, companies can understand if the goal is to improve employee engagement, cut down on travel costs through internal video solutions, allow the company’s experts to reach out to more locations or perform other key functions. Video can also be used to improve human resources, marketing and IT functionality while often cutting costs. An initial strategic direction for video can guide the program and make it easier to get the most from the technology.

Other key considerations, according to the report, include finding an executive who will champion the program, such as a CEO who wants to hold town hall meetings to reach the entire workforce or an HR leader who wants to create an employee engagement strategy. Developing a strategy to show early success with the program without having to slog through months of poor adoption is also important. Companies should also focus on adopting enterprise-class technology and not take shortcuts, as that can ensure quality performance and lead to the implementation of secure video solutions, the report said.

In many cases, going with enterprise-class technology is the most important part of a video plan. Other strategic goals are essential, but if the foundational IT systems are not in place, the system could fall apart because users are unwilling to deal with performance issues or IT does not want to take security risks. One of the best ways to ensure a solid technological foundation for video is to deploy an enterprise content delivery network, which functions like a traditional CDN, but goes inside the corporate firewall to improve security and performance.