January 30, 2013


Social video is the next wave of business innovation

Video is becoming an incredibly important business tool for a variety of reasons. From providing training to live webcasting conferences to providing information to more employees simultaneously, companies can use video to support a variety of new opportunities in the workplace. With an enterprise video platform in place, a business will be able to reform the way employees communicate, share information and collaborate on projects. However, there are certain steps involved that are essential to the success of any enterprise video project.

Video technology is becoming more ingrained with social networking in the consumer world, and many professionals are expecting this type of interaction with business video use as well. Commenting and sharing useful training videos could be incredible useful for a company, encouraging more employees to view them or provide useful feedback to improve future efforts. It can also put professionals with similar ideas in contact with each other that may not have happened before. Video can help educate and inform, but with interactive webcasting​, it can also be a tool for innovation.

According to Film Industry Network, some studies have even shown how cute cat videos can improve a viewer’s reaction time and accuracy, which can translate over into the business world as well. With so many benefits to video, there are few reasons not to invest in it. However, a business also has to have the infrastructure in place to support a video content delivery network, and that means improving technology as well. From the IT support to examining bandwidth needs, by investing in enterprise networking solutions for video support before adoption, a company is sure to bolster the success of its endeavors.