November 30, 2012


Social tools make webcasting a meeting enabler

By Rob Nunes – VP of Marketing

We’ve all been to boring meetings that seem like a waste of time. It happens as part of working for any company. Sometimes the problem is that the material discussed in the meeting would be better suited to email. Other times, the presenter is not prepared to handle the meeting effectively.

We’ve all been to meetings that are excellent- events that we leave looking forward to the work we are going to do. These meetings stand in sharp contrast to average gatherings, as they feature a presentation that is not only valuable, but engaging. In many cases, an immersive meeting occurs when a presenter not only has good speaking skills, but knows how to use technology and multimedia resources to improve the experience. When it comes to connecting employees in virtual meetings, the social tools included within advanced webcasting solutions can turn an average event into a powerful engagement tool.

Chat functionality
Have you ever been to a virtual meeting where you don’t have a way to communicate with the speaker? It is an immediate turn off. Watching a meeting through a live stream is wonderful from an audio and visual perspective, but it loses any sense of immersion if viewers are unable to actually participate in the event. Many webcasting platforms have text chat functions built into them so viewers can type in questions and become active in the meeting. This further engages them in the event, especially if the presenter is intentional about encouraging virtual participants to get involved.

Polling systems
Whether it is clicking on a button to vote, virtual hand raising or a similar polling system, giving users the ability to actively provide an opinion on an issue is a key way to create a more engaging meeting. As a presenter, you don’t want to ask a question about the experiences of people in the meeting and only allow those there in person to respond by raising their hand or nodding. Instead, you want to get everybody involved. Polling tools provide an intuitive way to do that by enabling virtual participants to have their say as well, creating a better experience when used effectively.

Virtual meetings do not just present a way to get more people involved in an event, they actually create an opportunity to create a more engaging and participant-oriented meeting that benefits everybody involved. Webcasting provides the enterprise video foundation needed to achieve this end result.