December 14, 2012


Small businesses need video too

Video webcasting is an important trend hitting businesses across the nation, but currently the majority of adopters are larger enterprises. However, according to Business 2 Community, small and midsized businesses (SMBs) can benefit from video solutions just as much as their larger counterparts.

Enterprise video comes in many forms, from communications tools to content delivery. Where SMBs can benefit the most is in internal video streaming. As a solution to deliver important information across a wider audience quickly, video allows a business to streamline meetings, training and other content into a format that can be easily accessed and absorbed by employees when it is convenient. This not only eliminates scheduling hassles, but allows a business to improve training and meetings as well by coordinating with more employees at once.

According to B2C, studies have shown that video is a proven way to increase engagement and interaction with individuals. So whether it is used as a marketing tool or for internal content delivery, video is an excellent resource for any business to consider.

Other resources utilize video with increased effectiveness for web traffic, search engine optimization, for communications and more, so why not consider the advantages it can offer internally as well? What helps increase consumer engagement with the company website can help enhance training and interaction with employees too.

Making video happen
Ultimately video is a flexible solution, but businesses need different tools for various uses. Simply trying to adopt web video for internal use won't do, but enabling it through an improved network infrastructure for internal streaming will help ensure its success as an information spreading tool for a company. Video is just another form of data from the IT perspective, and it requires infrastructure and support just like storage and analytics.

Having the right tools is just one part of enabling enterprise webcasting within a company. To ensure that video-based content delivery solutions are successful, a company also has to enable its workforce by including them in the process. Whether it's a company meeting or a training video, incorporating employees and their suggestions into the process can also help ensure that video makes an impact on operations for large and small businesses alike.