September 6, 2012


Roundtable webcast underlines technology’s potential in enterprise settings

A roundtable discussion to be hosted by Money Management will be webcasted to reach a more diverse range of audiences. According to a recent Money Management announcement, the September 12 event will bring together a number of industry experts to discuss emerging trends in the life/risk sector in a thought leadership conversation.

To make the messaging of the event more accessible, Money Management will use webcasting technology that not only allows viewers from any location to connect to the discussion, but also to ask questions to members of the panel.

This kind of use for webcasting is something that organizations can benefit substantially from as part of a broad enterprise video strategy. Because webcasting allows companies to host live meetings that can be viewed by a significant number of individuals, the technology is ideal for bringing together a workforce to watch town hall meetings, important presentations from executives, training modules from special speakers or other types of events.

Webcasting offers a few key advantages as a way to hold meetings. One of the most notable is its ability to connect a geographically distributed workforce. When an organization has a significant number of remote workers or has many branch offices instead of a single large facility, webcasting's ability to connect employees is invaluable.

Another key advantage of webcasting is that it allows participants to comment during the meeting. It is not a static form of video hosting. Instead, it keeps participants engaged by letting them ask questions and perform other interactions as needed.

These two primary capabilities are vaulting webcasting to a significant place in the enterprise. Connecting workers and engaging them in meetings is key to spreading corporate messages and enabling internal communication. Webcasting delivers the ability to achieve these goals, making it a valuable technology.