November 11, 2013


Remote opportunities expanding with enterprise video solutions

Organizations are always on the lookout for technologies and tools that will facilitate greater range of flexibility and overall dominance of business presence. By promoting corporate assets and business hardware, software and other utilities that facilitate working outside the office environment, companies can more easily engage clients and customers from a distance.

Promoting more connectivity and interaction is an ideal means of getting people excited about video for business. These assets are the best in terms of increasing visibility, improving communication and engaging personnel in all spectrums of the business world. Whether it's branching out and reaching staff members remotely, working with clients or connecting with customers, recorded messages are the best means of speaking directly to target audiences.

Greater visual aids
The quality of business video communication options make these options the best for engaging personnel of all kinds. By creating a solid link between those delivering the message and people watching these recordings, companies are able to promote and spread the same kinds of messages across wide demographic ranges without having to expend a huge amount of time or effort. This is particularly important when trying to get the ultimate return out of a single investment, as most organizations do. By spending money on creating a unified business message, companies can spread these recordings across a great range of corporate audiences and through a long sequence of time, hiring and new viewers without losing the quality or consistency of these messages.

The future of video recordings for corporate use is therefore increasingly bright, as more organizations see the value of these messages and make use of dynamic recorded assets. With companies constantly looking for the next step in corporate operations and expanding their reach, it's important to find options that better enhance business opportunities and encourage greater spreading of company culture. The future of enterprise communication is likely to keep moving toward video assets as these resources continue to show how valuable and flexible these assets can be.

Making more usage
According to CBR Online, a study from Polycom showed that more staff members are making use of enterprise video communication from remote locations. More than 80 percent of all firms have seen video communication engagement from home, while more than three-fourths are engaging in these kinds of technology at the office. The ubiquitousness of these assets and flexibility of implementation show that these kinds of tools are making the best use of business messages both in-house and from a distance, making it an ideal option for corporate communication at all levels.

Though most of the people using video solutions fall into younger demographics, the movement toward recordings and integrated media in the business world is picking up speed. With more corporations than ever taking note of these kinds of technology and people utilizing these kinds of tools in their personal lives, the integration of video tools into corporate landscapes is continuing to take off. The need for greater visibility and transparency is helping to fuel these demands.

"Some key factors to making video as popular in the office as it is at home is ensuring it's easy to use, providing a high quality connection, delivering enterprise-grade security, and participants' willingness to accept and adapt to cultural differences as they communicate across borders," said Jim Kruger of Polycom. "We're seeing businesses around the world defy distance every day using video collaboration, including increasing productivity, enhancing employee engagement, improving time to market and helping to save lives."

Enhancing communication outlets
As video becomes a more intuitive part of corporate operations, organizations can more easily promote the kinds of messages they want their personnel, clients and customer audiences to absorb. In many cases, simply deploying a business resource is not enough in this modern era to ensure enough or the right kind of adoption. Enterprise video solutions help clarify and solidify the points firms are trying to impart on their viewers.

As Business News Daily wrote, providing people with a well-targeted message helps ensure that all recipients take the right messages for business recordings. What's more, these assets open up a new realm of corporate connectivity, allowing a greater range of flexibility without losing company cultural clarity. These assets provide the best-case-scenario for all parts of the enterprise video communication spectrum, offering enhanced video interactions and the ability to boost remote connectivity options. Such capabilities reduce overall maintenance and resource costs while giving employees a greater sense of satisfaction with their jobs.

Providing personnel with tools that they understand and facilitate faster, more intuitive corporate responses makes it easy for entities to increase their capabilities while reducing operational costs. Enterprise video solutions rank high on the utilities that help businesses function more fluidly and save funds for firms across the board.