June 25, 2013


Reaching remote offices easier with video communication tools

The global economy is in the midst of a general recovery from the negative climate of previous years. This makes it a great time for companies of all kinds to start thinking about the various ways in which they can expand their operations. Some of the biggest trends include setting up offices in new parts of the country to encourage broader potential target audiences and creating remote workforce solutions. These options make it easy for companies to cut costs, increase revenue and boost the visibility of products and services. What's more, such actions are likely to give organizations more aggressive capabilities, including heightened customer service and greater availability of tools and support.

Despite all the benefits, there are dangers and pitfalls that organizations endeavoring into these kinds of practices should be watchful for. Losing touch with corporate culture or declining employee engagement are common issues that businesses may encounter as they diversify and expand. In order to avoid these negative aspects, there are a variety of tools that businesses can employ which are specifically designed to help boost interaction and improve internal relationships. These resources are mainly delivered through enterprise video portals.

Looking for investment returns
Video communication is one of the most powerful assets that growing businesses can apprise themselves of. These resources allow companies to create a single, unified message that embodies corporate ideals, new ideas or launches unique endeavors for the whole organization in a single application. Creating a recorded face-to-face interaction with specialists or high-ranking personnel lets every employee feel more closely tied to the organization, as well as ensuring that all staff members are on the same page regarding important resources or announcements. By boosting clarity and comprehension, companies stand to gain more return on investment while allowing them to reach all their personnel more effectively.

This return on investment stems from generating a single resource that can be helpful by everyone in the company for an extended period of time. Deploying an enterprise video solution allows organizations to create recordings that have all the necessary information regarding new resources or educating personnel on standing protocols, which can then be recycled for general training purposes or as a way of onboarding new personnel more quickly. Because businesses won't have to continually expend money or other resources on human-to-human training sessions, these recordings allow organizations to grant more teaching and educational opportunities to all of their employees, gaining higher engagement by offering people more tools and special learning options, which in turn serves to increase each staff member's overall value.

Investing in personnel with an enterprise video solution allows organizations many options to earn back their original expenses incurred in procuring and applying this technology. That's why it's become such a popular addition to many firms and continues to see more demand each year.

Reaping various benefits
As The Prairie Business Magazine wrote, companies spreading around the world and investing in more remote workforce are especially excited by the advances in video communication tools. The source stated that these assets allow organizations to work around the varied and flexible schedules that other staff members may have, as well as accommodating other time zones for truly remote offices or employees. Such options create a limitless workforce potential for businesses and the freedom to expand their operations to anywhere in the world they desire without losing touch with personnel. They also facilitate unified policies in a variety of departments, including sales, marketing, security, customer service and human resources management. By deploying a single communication regarding any or all of these facets of regular corporate function, businesses can engineer the exact kinds of stances all of their managers, administrators and general personnel will take on any issue. Unification can help bring an entire host of remote offices together under their loyalty to the company as a whole. It can also provide consistent customer experiences that are essential to maintaining long-term relationships with clients. They bring about a legitimacy to corporate functions and help ensure ongoing compliance and continuity. In short, a singular enterprise video solution allows businesses a lot more freedom and functionality even across large distances.

Best of all, these resources allow organizations to save money in yet another way – travel. According to a press release from Texas Tech, cutting funding for room, board and travel to employees is a very viable option when staff members no longer need to be in the same room with one another physically in order to convey the same weight in their messages. Video communication has freed many establishments from the tethers of airline schedules or hotel rates, instead allowing for fast, fluid and convenient access to critical data at any time and from any place.