February 28, 2012


Quality Video in a VDI Environment? Yes, it’s Possible!

By Stephen Blankenship – Director, Product Management

We’re happy to announce that Kontiki is now Citrix ready!  Citrix Ready™ is a product verification program that allows Citrix customers and users to quickly and easily find partner products and solutions that are trusted to enhance Citrix offerings. It is designed for software vendors, hardware vendors, mobility and network service providers, hosting service providers and cloud technology firms who have demonstrated product and solution compatibility with one or more Citrix products.

Our Kontiki Enterprise Video Platform (EVP) is now certified with Citrix XenDesktop 5.5. Kontiki is proud of this accomplishment. The idea of becoming Citrix certified came to us through our customers. We had several customers who used Citrix VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) environments and were interested in seeing if Kontiki and Citrix could be compatible, so they could realize mutual benefits. Kontiki then engaged with Citrix to try to fix what many deemed an insurmountable problem: getting video to work properly in a VDI environment.

It didn’t take long for the Citrix team to realize the possibility of delivering a high quality video viewing experience with Kontiki. In the past, viewing video in a VDI environment was problematic, as users often experienced video delays, stops, starts and stuttering. With Kontiki, viewing video in a VDI environment works the way it does on any desktop or mobile device: a high quality, smooth viewing experience.

For more details on Kontiki’s Citrix ready designation and why it’s important, check out the Citrix blog.