February 4, 2014


Public operations expanding with video communication

As more organizations take advantage of video for business, others are getting to see how successful these assets can be in bridging gaps and creating more collaboration in the work environment. For firms that want to save money and ensure that everyone is on the same page, video communication is therefore a boon to enterprise operations. The end result when working with a recorded resource and an ideal platform management system is that all users can benefit from enhanced performance options while corporations still reap the benefits of cost savings.

Both public and private firms can come to enjoy these bonuses with targeted enterprise video solutions that are aimed at meeting the desired business goals. Applications and dedicated interaction portals help corporations even in the public sector ensure that they are able to communicate effectively with every member of their workforces, thereby establishing superior connectivity and collaborative channels that support enterprise workplace improvements.

Promoting superior connectivity
The Defense Department is among the federal agencies to recently announce that it will be adding video communication to its suite of operations for just these reasons. According to Federal News Radio, this upgrade will help the organization provide better uplinks for communication and creating essential connectivity options that ensure sensitive messages are transferred in the most secure method possible.

With the recent rash of data breaches and security problems across public and private interfaces, the video communication upgrade at the Department of Defense could help this organization ensure that future operations are more protected than in current settings. There are problems with corporate infrastructure that could reduce the efficacy of the business environment, even at the federal level, that might negatively impact the total usability of enterprise operations.

That's why the Defense Information Systems Agency is currently working on a number of different video communication options that could help the DoD increase its efficiency and cost savings while promoting better connectivity across the agency. Federal News Radio added that the DISA is looking for the most feasible options for increasing usability across the enterprise by looking at various delivery techniques and technologies. The end result, the organization hopes, is that employee interfaces will reach new levels of integration and collaboration.

Generating connectivity options
Other public outlets are also looking for ways to increase their video communication by increasing the amount of recording presence they have in their operations. Even organizations that exist outside the federal sphere are able to benefit from these same types of upgrades, citing connectivity and cost savings as major incentives for adding these kinds of technology to their current offerings. What's more, as businesses increasingly make use of these types of enterprise video solutions, it's important for people to learn about how these options work so that they can fluidly integrate themselves into collaborative business environments that increasingly make use of these types of tools.

Government Video Online added that the New York Institute of Technology is in the process of launching its most recent iteration of the Communication Arts Department. The source stated that all new high definition programs and infrastructure have been added to existing operations to give students first-hand experience working in this newest and most dynamic media.

NYIT's investment in HD assets puts the school at the front of the learning curve for getting students ready for the video communication assets they should expect to encounter in real-world business environments. The source indicated that updates include superior switching hardware, upgraded enterprise video software and new business platform opportunities. These options also make use of public sources like Skype and FaceTime, thereby allowing pupils to gain the greatest amount of insight into how their communication solutions should function when operating in environments that coordinate many types of modern data infrastructure.

Creating public applications
Video communication assets are also expanding in different ways that increase government oversight and public awareness of the safety and security modern infrastructure can offer. Just as the DoD and DISA seek to secure public information, there are other kinds of applications that can help enterprise video communication reach new levels of collaborative usefulness.

As CS Monitor reported, video for business is expanding in the public sphere to include oversight of general welfare and public management. The source indicated that the Transportation Department is looking for ways to integrate video communication into road monitoring and infrastructure maintenance. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is also trying to find ways of influencing vehicle manufacturers into installing cameras in cars and automobiles of all kinds, thereby providing federal organizations with the greatest amount of video for business resources regarding road management.

"Vehicle-to-vehicle technology represents the next generation of auto safety improvements, building on the life-saving achievements we've already seen with safety belts and air bags," said Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx. He added that video communication could help the TSA reduce motor vehicle deaths, improve infrastructure maintenance and serve to create a more fluid, connected government and public management system.