November 17, 2009


Promise of Social Video Networking in the Enterprise

Kontiki Delivers on Promise of Social Video Networking in the Enterprise

The only video portal to deliver a consumer-style experience for employees, with enterprise-class security and control

San Jose, Calif. — November 17, 2009 — Kontiki, the leading provider of enterprise video solutions, debuted today the Kontiki MediaCenter enterprise employee video portal, defining a new class of employee video community that allows companies to align their organization around a corporate vision using communication that connects and inspires every employee. The new product is being demonstrated this week at the Streaming Media West 2009 conference, San José McEnery Convention Center, booth #619.

Kontiki VideoCenter delivers on the promise of social video networking in the enterprise by engaging all employees with social media and user-generated content – while overcoming the challenges of securing and controlling this powerful communication tool in a way that is consistent with company policies and culture:

  • Engaging consumer-style video community for sharing ideas and knowledge: familiar and rich social media capabilities such as easy upload of user-generated content; simple content discovery via search and channels as well as syndication, ratings and rankings, comments, and tagging; dynamic channel building that fosters communities; also supports live video, on-demand video, video conferencing, video webcasting and video podcasts to create a single video destination
  • Enterprise-class security, control and reporting: “flip the switch” on and off for as little or as many social media elements a company is comfortable with; secure role-based access controls for publishing and viewing to govern “who can see what and who can share what” on an individual, group, business unit or company-wide basis; robust reporting
  • Reaches all employees, in all locations, on any device: overcomes network bandwidth limitations and “last mile” branch office problem leveraging Kontiki’s fully integrated Enterprise Content Delivery Network (ECDN) – with no impact on existing network business traffic and no costly hardware upgrades

Enterprises are Looking to Harness Consumer-Style Video Communities
Consumer-style video sharing websites have made video into a social media phenomenon and a culture that employees have come to expect. With the rise of low cost, easy-to-use video cameras and authoring tools, employees are beginning to post confidential business videos to these public communities as a way to communicate to hundreds or even thousands of co-workers because they have few alternatives.

At the same time, enterprises are turning to video – whether it is live video, video on-demand, video conferencing, video webcasting, video podcasts or telepresence – for competitive advantage to increase the effectiveness of executive communication, team collaboration and training and to reduce travel costs. Add to this fact that many companies have invested significant resources into creating video content that they want to make searchable and accessible, and it becomes clear that companies are beginning to require a single destination site for their business video communication.

The Kontiki VideoCenter enterprise employee video portal is uniquely positioned to evolve into a company’s single destination for all enterprise video and rich media. Many Kontiki customers have already started to build their video culture with Kontiki. Kontiki has successfully delivered hundreds of millions of high-quality videos to desktops around the world for some of the world’s largest companies in the financial services, retail, technology, telecommunications and manufacturing market sectors such as Charles Schwab, Coca Cola, Sephora, Verizon and more.

Customer, Analyst and Executive Quotes
Patty Perkins, vice president of Wachovia Video On-Demand: “Enterprise employee communication portals make information relevant and useful to employees, and video proves itself over and over in driving employee engagement. Ad­­ding the video portal capability to the Kontiki product suite is a smart move and is transforming the way video is used in business communication.”

Ira Weinstein, senior analyst and partner at Wainhouse Research: “Kontiki’s Video Center portal combines the impact of rich-media content and the interactivity of social networking under a single user interface. The addition of ‘YouTube’ style capabilities to Kontiki’s efficient and scalable content distribution platform makes this offering worthy of serious consideration by any enterprise seeking wide-scale, rich-media content creation, management, and distribution.”

Joe Ghazal, vice president of engineering for Kontiki: “If you could get all people in your organization to row in the same direction you can dominate any industry, in any market, against any competition. To do this, you need to reach everyone with a consistent message and get them personally engaged in the conversation. This is the promise of social video networking and Kontiki Video Center is the only offering that combines unlimited reach with maximum engagement in one single solution. And with the market adoption of cloud computing for delivering business services, organizations of any size can get started with video easily and quickly.”

Product Availability
With Kontiki’s Software as a Service offering “in the cloud,” the costs for getting started with video are more accessible than ever – in some cases less than the cost of an audio conference – and deployment can be achieved in days or weeks.

The Kontiki VideoCenter enterprise employee video portal is available immediately for beta testing with general availability in February 2010.

Other Important Features of the Kontiki VideoCenter

  • Automatically transcodes uploaded user-generated video between all popular formats and players such as Flash, QuickTime, Windows Media, H2.64
  • Customized corporate branding and messaging
  • LDAP and Active Directory integration for convenient single sign-on as well as consistent enforcement of permissions
  • Corporate governance to meet security, management and compliance policies
  • Detailed network usage reporting and feedback
  • APIs for integration with existing content management systems

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