February 7, 2012


PhishMe’s success underlines enterprise video trends

PhishMe, a company that creates video training content on phishing threats, recently announced that 3 million employees for its various clients have completed its training course. This success shows just how much video has become a part of business operations.

According to the PhishMe release, the videos are relatively short but filmed at high quality and designed to be entertaining while training employees on how to avoid phishing scams.

This description is, essentially, a core outline of why businesses are turning to video streaming  for training purposes. They want their employees to quickly get the information they need through a channel that can keep their attention.

Enterprise video strategies that use PhishMe and other similar services allow businesses to gather and distribute content through their networks to end users. This is not only ideal for training, but it also allows managers and corporate leaders to communicate with employees.

However, video content can also push the network because it often uses too much bandwidth. To overcome this problem, organizations can invest in enterprise content delivery network tools that actually compress video so that it requires less bandwidth when being transmitted to end users.