December 21, 2012


Personalization, portability key to enterprise video

Business video streaming provides a number of benefits for companies looking to enhance content delivery and improve workflow. However, in order to truly gain those advantages, businesses need to look into implementing the right tools, and taking the more beneficial approach to enterprise video.

Alex Wellen of CNN told Streaming Media that personalization and portability will "lie at the heart of video" for businesses next year. Additionally, he noted improving abilities to manage, curate and develop streaming video will allow companies to supply better content and help their employees find the content they need. This incorporates improvements in both the organization of video, such as categorizing and tagging, to the infrastructure needed to support video webcasting in the first place.

Video can be a power tool, providing information swiftly, but employees have to be able to connect with it, both literally and personally, to get the full benefit. Providing data to professionals on paper or through infographics and other means can be useful, but difficult to process sometimes due to the impersonal nature of these mediums. Video, however, is engaging and interactive and helps share that information on a much more personal level.

Additionally, video can be much easier to transport via mobile devices and computers, allowing employees to access it on their commute or at home. This helps make webcasting a far more efficient tool for spreading information to workers in a convenient and effective manner. A business just has to have the right infrastructure in place to support video streaming and the other needs that go along with it, to ensure high-quality playback and instant access when needed.