October 31, 2012


Ontario city turning to webcasting

Using webcasting as a means to expand the audience of meetings has become a popular trend in a variety of sectors. One area where this trend is especially prominent is in local government organizations. For many people, the activities of local government bodies are interesting because they affect their day-to-day lives.

However, the actual meetings are worth missing because they are dull enough and full of enough official procedure. By implementing webcasting and similar technologies, government organizations can make their meetings more accessible and engaging, getting the community more involved in the process.

This is the case for the City of London in Ontario, which recently announced its plans to begin webcasting its council meetings to get people involved in the process. According to a recent report from KJBK News, the municipal government will soon begin to not only webcast their meetings, but also enable citizens to access electronic agendas and participate in electronic voting initiatives to make the event more engaging.

The report said that the upcoming council meeting, which will be webcasted, will be the first live test of the video solution. The current plan is to stream all of the council meetings in the future to get the maximum number of people involved in the process. Furthermore, the events will be archived and made available for online viewing so that information is available for those who cannot view the webcast live.

Many businesses are turning to webcasting for similar purposes. Few people in organizations look forward to meetings unless the other parts of their job are so terrible that they just need a break. But using webcasting as part of an enterprise video program allows individuals to make meetings more convenient while building in social tools that make the experience more engaging for everybody involved.