January 26, 2012


More companies looking to video when hiring

The day of the resume may be slowly ending, the Wall Street Journal reported this week, in light of the growing use of social networks and video for business hiring.

"Companies are increasingly relying on social networks such as LinkedIn, video profiles and online quizzes to gauge candidates' suitability for a job. While most still request a resume as part of the application package, some are bypassing the staid requirement altogether," the newspaper said.

Proponents of the hiring technique told the Journal that it allows them to get a more complete impression of a candidate more quickly than relying on a resume alone. It can be much easier to gauge someone's personality and ability to interact with others with the aid of a video.

This emphasis on factors other than a resume is common in less-traditional forms of employment, the newspaper said, citing a recent IGN Entertainment program aimed at teaching programming to enthusiastic but untrained video game players.

Even after hires are made, experts say, video remains an important tool for tasks like training and orientation.