December 19, 2012


Mobile video consumption on the rise

While the fact that millions of people watching videos on YouTube and other video streaming sites on a daily basis should come as no surprise, what many may not realize is that a significant portion of those views come from mobile devices. Video is quickly growing into one of the most popular mediums for content delivery for both consumers and professionals, and with the spread of smart devices for personal and business use, being able to deliver content through those devices is a no-brainer.

According to Mobile Marketing Watch, it is projected that by 2020, the average American will watch upwards of seven hours of video online every day, up from an average of 4.8 hours in 2012. With new technologies like cloud streaming and other solutions, video will become a primary communications, information and general content delivery tool in many different aspects of life, including business video.

For the enterprise, video presents an exciting new opportunity to explore ways to inspire innovation and creativity among employees. More than traditional forms of content delivery, enterprise video promotes interaction with information and enables professionals to view the information in ways that encourage, rather than disrupt, workflow. As technology evolves, mobile platforms are becoming an excellent way to deliver video content, companies just need an efficient way to manage and implement it.

Ultimately, delivering video content requires quality infrastructure support and the tools necessary to provide access to video via multiple channels. Whether an employee wants to view the content from their desktop or smartphone, a company is going to need to be able to properly address that requirement, and have the right technology infrastructure to manage enterprise video platforms successfully.