May 10, 2012


‘Megatrends’ leading to new enterprise era, expert says

By Rob Nunes – VP of Marketing

Enterprise video is coming, businesses better be ready. Several technology trends are contributing to the ever-increasing level of internet traffic. Mobile devices, for one, are doing their part. Cloud computing is also taking a large piece of the pie. But video is by far the biggest contributor to rising IP traffic.

Speaking at the recent Interop IT Expo and Conference in Las Vegas, Cisco CTO Padmasree Warrior told audience members that video will be one of the biggest network challenges during the next three to five years. According to a PC Magazine report, Warrior claimed video will quadruple IP traffic by 2014.

Warrior called developments like video, mobile and cloud computing “enterprise megatrends” that are driving the enterprise in a new direction. These trends will be hugely beneficial to any company that can properly handle them, as they are likely to introduce a new level of productivity and collaboration never before seen.

Enterprise video, in particular, breaks down many of the barriers that cause inefficiency in a business. In an era where a company is no longer restricted to one geographic location, employees must be able to reach across borders and even oceans to collaborate with one another. End-to-end enterprise video solutions make this possible, enabling businesses to connect to employees through live webcast and on-demand video to drive engagement and keep the workforce informed of company happenings.

However, these so-called megatrends also add pressure to the network and, thus, company operations as a whole. Warrior noted that the network is going through a transitional phase as these new technologies become prevalent in the workplace. The immediate result is more devices and traffic and the need for more bandwidth.

“The network is at the center for enabling change and addressing challenges,” Warrior said, according to tech news provider Datamation.

However, when it comes to video, investing in bandwidth and a faster network is not the only answer. This solution is suitable when sending smaller data packets, but video carries a heavy load that can slow down the network drastically if not properly addressed. Businesses should consider investing in technologies like enterprise content delivery network solutions that sit inside the firewall and enable content to be delivered directly to users over the LAN. Such delivery methods ensure the network will not be bogged down by the weight of video and enable a company to effectively leverage enterprise video and all the benefits that come with it.